Jill Collage

My love affair with cooking began when I knew next to nothing about food. Believe it or not, there was a time when my friends didn’t think I could make anything that didn’t come out of a box! Exposure to different cultures and foods while living and working in London marked the start of my culinary adventure. I later travelled across Europe, to the Middle East, and then Australia and New Zealand, gaining lifelong friends along the way. While traveling, I made a point to visit farm stands and local markets. My cooking evolved from “what I knew” to “what was new to me.”

I am not a doctor or a trained chef; I can’t make medical claims or dazzle you with my knife skills — but I am a wife and a mother of three growing boys and I strive to nourish my family in the best way possible. Like many, we have struggled with acne, weight issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer. When I began to educate myself about nutrition, I realized the transformative power of food. I am determined to dispel the myth that healthy food tastes bland!

In my book and on this website I have combined everything I have learned and am learning about foods, flavors, and nutrition in order to create mouthwatering dishes that you can recreate to nourish the body and delight the taste buds. I have tested these recipes on pretty picky eaters — kids, teenagers and adults. No one has walked away from my table hungry. In fact, they often ask for seconds, or for the recipe!

So, roll up your sleeves and get cooking! Start creating your own small acts with love—for yourself, your family, and your friends!

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